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Restoring Windows with OSFMount

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  • Restoring Windows with OSFMount

    I have a dd image of a Windows installation that TestDisk created, and as I mentioned in another thread, it has a bad partition table and I can't seem to find any way to restore this thing back to a hard drive as a bootable Windows installation.

    Since I can mount the dd image in OSFMount and see the Windows installation, is there any way to restore that installation to a bootable hard drive? I tried installing Windows on the destination drive so that it had the System Reserved partition and the correct partition structure for booting Windows, and then I robocopied the files from the OSFMount drive to the destination partition. This didn't work because Windows would no longer boot, and Windows repair from the installation CD wouldn't run with an error along the lines of "this version of Windows doesn't support repair."

    Anyone have any ideas of how I can restore Windows from the OSFMount virtual drive? Is there cloning software that will allow me to copy the OSFMount-mounted virtual drive to another partition more precisely than robocopy, in a way that will keep the partition bootable?


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    This is really a duplicate post
    Again, if TestDisk screwed up, then I think it makes sense to start again and make a non screwed up image of the source disk.