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    I have problems with batteries from time to time and think your utility is great. I have an Acer TravelMate 507DX laptop running Windows XP Pro. In June I started to have problems with the battery (lasted 3 years) and bought a new one. I am starting to have problems again.

    I installed your utility and it displays that the battery is lithium ion, 15V and has a capacity of 48000 mWh. The battery case indicates lithium ion, 9.6V and 3500 mAh.

    It is possible that the battery is being read incorrectly (at least the voltage) or the battery is programmed wrong. Can I override the information to correct values in your program?

    If I run through the charge sequence twice (the battery gets hot) I then can get 1 hour 8 min battery life. It is still strange as the capacity drops from 75% to 5% in one 10 second sample time at the end of the discharge cycle. Would setting the voltage at 9.6 help with the indication at least?

    If I recharge and let the battery set (out of the laptop) overnight, it shows 20% in the morning? Ideas?

    Thank you,


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    Battery monitor

    Sorry the battery chemistry is NiMH on the battery.



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      There is no way that we know about to override the information displayed.

      A quick look on the web seems to indicate that the 507DX only takes 9.6V NiMH batteries. Computer will not in general work without the correct voltage battery and you can assume that your battery really is 9.6V rather than 15V. You could always get out a multimeter to check this in any case.

      THe display of 48,000 mWh sounds about right. (Remember that Watts = Amps multipled by Voltage).

      On the other hand there are a bunch other other Acer computers, like the TravelMate 512DX that use 14.8V LiIon batteries. BatteryMon gets the battery information from the computer itself, it doesn't know anything about various computer makes and models. So it makes me wonder if Acer have made some mistake when they programmed in the details for the 507DX.

      It would be interesting to hear from other Acer owners.