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  • repeating phantom key

    I am using keytest to debug a problem and found keytest reports the "wake" key is being pressed once a second. Has anyone heard of this before or have a clue about it? It's approximately once a second, varies by a few ms. It is bios code 0D, win code FF, and it's an extended code (so actually 10D). It is not like a stuck key. My repeat rate is much higher than 1 sec, and this shows a down and up time. It happens even when in safe mode, even when I disconnect the built-in keyboard (laptop) even when I connect a usb keyboard. There is no "wake" key on this. It is not the scan code for the sleep or standby key, but for the "wake" key. It affects little things like when I do alt-tab to switch programs the box of program icons stays open for at most 1 sec and then disappears. Anybody seen this before?


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    While we have seen instances of stuck keys, we haven't seen behaviour like this. Might be buggy BIOS.


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      I have the same problem

      I also have a phantom "wake" key being pushed about once every second. I know it is not a hardware problem because of the consistent once per second and also in order to make that happen on my laptop the fn button has to be held. Can anyone help me?


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        Once per seconnd is not to far from the normal keybpard repeat rate. Might just be a stuck key or short on the keyboard. Or maybe it is some badly behaved software trying to keep the PC from sleeping.