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Power Plans and BatteryMon

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  • Power Plans and BatteryMon

    I was wondering if there is any plan (or feature that I missed while browsing through my trial) for BatteryMon to support changing the Windows Power Plan? BatteryMon would make a great replacement for the system battery icon if I could also change the power plan with it.

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    There are no plans at the moment. But it might be something we look at in the future.


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      OK then. A souped-up replacement for the battery meter would definitely make a sale with me... I hope to see it implemented in the future.


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        Hello again.

        I found an article
        which details how to use Windows shortcuts to change power plans in Windows XP, Vista and 7 (I know because I tested it on Windows 7). I created shortcuts using a Vista desktop gadget, but you might create a "Power Plan Shortcut Folder" or something if you were to implement this feature of enabling BatteryMon to change power plans.