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Charging Error?

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  • David (PassMark)
    battery design capacity as 24420mAh but full capacity as only 1515mAh
    These numbers come from the charging circuit in the laptop. So it isn't a good sign. Batteries are notoriously unreliable so it would not be too surprising if it was dead, or at least partially failed. Try full discharing it and recharing it in a cycle a few times.

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  • blurglegurble
    started a topic Charging Error?

    Charging Error?

    Hello! I recently received a supposedly new battery from eBay (I know, smart move right?) for my Gateway m320 laptop. Of course it is not charging at all. BatteryMon shows the battery design capacity as 24420mAh but full capacity as only 1515mAh. Does this mean the battery is dead?

    According to the label and BatteryMon info it is an authentic Gateway battery. On the other hand, what is the likelihood that the charging circuitry of the laptop itself would go bad? Right now the original battery that I thought was dead is supposedly charging....

    Also, thanks for this wonderfull program that I stumbled upon through Google. I will check out some of your other softwares soon. Especially BurnInTest; that is what I need for my media center builds