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RAMMON - Weird result

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  • RAMMON - Weird result

    NON-hardcore-techie here. Please bare over with me. And, btw, this is my first post in here.

    I used to have 6 GB ram (3 x 2) in my desktop machine. Went out and bought 12 GB (3 x 4) and was hoping for them all to work together. The mobo is a Giga-Byte GA-EX58-UD5 and since the 'original' 3 x 2 was placed in the white slots, I assumed that those were the primary slots. I put the 3 x 4 in and placed the old 3 x 2 in the blue slots on the mobo.

    The machine boots fine and Win 10 tells me that I have 18 GB Ram. But I have a feeling that something is not right. When running RAMMON I get a really weird output (also attached as image):

    Type, manufacturer and model of the old RAM is unknown to me.

    Is the reading in RAMMON correct? Should I remove the old ram? Ditch the 'old' blocks? Tried swapping slots, but then the machine wouldn't boot.


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    Can you run RAMMon in debug mode by setting the command line argument "DEBUGMODE" and send the log files to our e-mail address. Thanks.