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ImageUSB Multiboot UFD USB?

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  • ImageUSB Multiboot UFD USB?

    My apologies if im submitting this in the wrong place or asking a relativity easy question, although I've been searching the web nonstop for most of the day and had no luck.

    I'm wondering if by chance anyone knows if ImageUSB can create a bootable UFD USB containing multiple boot files? Currently i have three .bin files Clonezilla.bin, GHOST.bin, and Info.bin. As it stands im needing one USB for each of these files. Im using ImageUSB to "Write to UFD" each one to its own usb, but due to the mass amount of workstations im working on i am liking to see if I can write all three of these .bin files to a single USB and when booting to this drive i can select one of the three files im wanting to load via a simple UI.

    Again, my apologies if posting this question incorrectly. I just hit a wall and would like to see if there's a way I could keep cost down.

    Thank you for your time!

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    No. ImageUSB will not accomplish what you are trying to do. ImageUSB will only write the image in your .bin file AS IS to the UFD, it is not capable/designed to consolidate multiple disk images under a new boot loader.

    However, if you somehow create an UFD with all three of your images as separate partitions on the UFD, ImageUSB will recognize it. Thus allowing you to make a new image (containing all three partitions) for duplication.