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Slow speeds during local loopback diagnostic test

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  • Slow speeds during local loopback diagnostic test

    > I have an internal 56K Modem working on
    > Windows XP. I suspected that my connections
    > were somewhat slow.
    > When I tested my modem with Passmark ModemTest 1.3
    > with the Local Diagnostic Mode, the recorded speed
    > was 0.02 KB/sec.
    > Is this the standard speed used in this process or is
    > my modem really working so slowly ?
    > Regards
    > Rahul

    The Local Diagnostic Mode loopback is a analogue loopback which means that the modem modulates the data at a particular baud rate. In some cases we know that the manufacturers force a very low baud when analogue loopback is selected (e.g. 300baud). We suspect that they have done this to ensure that the test always passes. Which is nice, but unrealistic. The modulation for 300baud is very different than for 56K. So the analogue loopback proves there is a physical connection but not that the modem is fully working at 56K. This is probably what your modem is doing. As far as we know it is not possible to change this behaviour.