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MonitorTest exit code on script failure

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  • MonitorTest exit code on script failure


    We are currently using MonitorTest v3.2 build 1005 at our site in a scripting manner. Currently, if there is an error in the script (usually due to unsupported refresh rate), the script errors out and returns to the main dialog of the MonitorTest program. If you manually exit, the exit code, or errorlevel, reports 0.

    Is there any possible way to automatically close the program and return an exit code of 1 upon script fail? Even if this option was added via an extra command line switch along with the /s for script would be perfectly acceptable.

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    This is not an option in the current software. We can add it to the candidate list of possible features for the next release, but that might be some time off.
    If you needed something urgently we could look at doing it as paid custom software development.