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Keyboard test, numeric keypad

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  • Keyboard test, numeric keypad

    With NumLock enabled, pressing, for instance, 9 and 3, on the numeric keypad, will display all the proper codes in the GUI fields 'Last key down', 'Last key up', plus the time fields, and also the 'running' bar with key codes reflects those key codes.

    However, with NumLock disengaged, nothing is displayed in those fields: I would have expected 'PageUp' and 'PageDown' respectively. (this is true for all the alternate numeric key pad codes, like 'Home', 'End', etc.

    Is this a bug? (Btw, separate 'PageUp' and 'PageDown' keys work just fine.

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    Not a bug, it just that these keys were not defined in the Keyboard layout file.

    E.g. in this file
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\KeyboardTest\AT107 + Mouse - Modified.kbl"

    The definition for Page up is,

    So that "True" flag indicates that it only matches keys on the extended part of the keyboard. This is indicated on the display with a "E". But clicking Page Up on the keypad with Numlock off, doesn't send the "Extended" keyboard code.

    In short pressing the normal Page up key doesn't send exactly the same byte codes as Page Up on the keypad.
    You could trigger on both if you wanted by editing the KBL file.