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USB3 plug Isochronous benchmarking on Linux

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  • USB3 plug Isochronous benchmarking on Linux


    I plan to use USB3 plug to benchmark USB output throughput in isochronous mode. After looking into Linux API guide and sample code provided by Passmark, I did not find benchmarking code for isochronous testing. Please advise how USB3 plug can be configured to isochronous benchmarking mode.


    BTW, I also sent out an email to Passmark technical support , but I have not received feedback yet.

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    Your Email was answered. Check your spam folder.

    The plug firmware / hardware themselves support isochronous mode. So it is a question of what's in the software.

    In order to use the USB3 plugs you also need at least one of the following 4 software applications.The USB3Test software contains the most options, including isochronous mode. And this is what we would suggest you use.

    We haven't looked at isochronous mode in the API, as there has been no demand. Linux has known issues in libusb and their USB host controller device drivers, even when used with the much more common bulk transfer mode. I wouldn't expect isochronous mode on linux to work smoothly.


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      Thanks for your answer. I checked my spam folder of my office email, there is no email from passmark. Please resend to


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        Email has been resent. Let us know if you didn't get it.