Hello David I recently reformatted my PC and I still got the older version of KeyboardTest V3.0 Build: 1002 and decided to install the trial program on my windows about two days ago to see if all my Microsoft keyboard keys and mouse was functioning properly. Everything is working properly and perfectly using that version.

However yesterday I decided to come over to your website to see whats new and (its been a while) saw you release a new version of KeyboardTest V3.0 Build: 1004 and I downloaded it and installed and I tried it out and found that several keys are not functioning the way it supposed to. Lets take for example the the Right Shift key only functions on the Left Shift key although I went and set it to True it still registers to the Left Shift key and at the top most section of the keyboard i.e. the functions for My Documents, My Pictures, My Music Volume key - (Turn down volume) and Messenger key also most of the function keys are not corresponding or not functioning properly. I also am not getting the function keys F1 - F12 to register properly i.e. when I press the F Lock key I don't get most of the function keys to register but when I release the F Lock key I get most of the Function keys to register.

All of the above mentioned problems I pointed out were not there in the previous version of KeyboardTest V3.0 Build: 1002. Can you please look into it and see if its a bug or some other problem. I'm still approx 28 days shy of the trial.

Thanks in advance.

Kindest regards,