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DiskCheckup and external USB drives - Duplicate SMART info

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  • DiskCheckup and external USB drives - Duplicate SMART info

    My configuration is DiskCheckup 3.4 and USB3 to a Thermaltake BlacX 2-drive external dock.

    When there are 2 drives in the dock, the Device Info page correctly identifies the two distinct drives.

    However, the information displayed on the SMART Info page is identical for both drives in all SMART parameters. In other words, parameters that should be vastly different for two drives of very different ages, such as Power-on Time, Power Cycle Count, Load Cycle Count, Spin-up Time, etc. are exactly the same on both drives. It seems to display the SMART info for the drive in the "front" slot, even though the Device Info tab works correctly for both drives.

    When only one drive is inserted into the dock, the SMART Info tab correctly displays the drive's data, regardless of which slot is used on the dock.

    Is there a way to get DiskCheckup to work correctly with this setup?

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    We don't have a Thermaltake BlacX 2-drive external dock to test with.
    It might be a bug in the USB to SATA bridge chip inside the dock.

    Can you run DiskCheckup in debug mode. (using -d on the command line) and then E-mail us the log file.