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DiskCheckup Warning Temperature warning level exceeded?

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  • DiskCheckup Warning Temperature warning level exceeded?

    I have downloaded the DiskCheckup software to check all my drives. Please see the attached images regarding a SATA drive. It shows 'Warning Temperature warning level exceeded' under device info. Under SMART info Temperature, Value 63, Worst 52, Threshold 45, and Raw Value 622133285.

    I have disk 5 which is SSD. It states under device info that the status is OK, and under the SMART Info, it states that the status is ok, but the Temperature is in red all values are 0 apart from RAW Value, which says 19525 C.

    I also have disk 0 which is also an SSD. It states under device info the status is 'Warning Temperature warning level exceeded' and under SMART Info, Temperature is Value 74, Worst 43, Threshold 0 and Raw value 26.

    Can someone give me some advice regarding the SATA drive and my 2 SSD dives and if I should be worried at all regarding the info above?

    Many thanks.

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    What version of DiskCheckup are you using - there was a new version that was released recently to support more drives

    Referring to the SMART attribute codes:
    In your screenshots, the first temperature with attribute BE is meant to be temperature difference, so value is 100 - 36, which is 64. Actual temperature is in the second temperature line with attribute C2 which is 36 C - so that SATA drive should be fine.

    For disk 5, it may be a drive we do not support yet - looks like the model number/name does not even appear in your screenshots.

    For disk 0, maybe similar to the SATA drive

    The temperature warning compares against the temperature warning level which you can set in configuration and the value for temperature in SMART, but these numbers are sometimes set arbitrarily by the vendors so the warning does not guarantee that there is a temperature issue with your drives.


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      I have exactly the same "Warning Temperature warning level exceeded?" device status with a single SATA drive
      Latest DiskCheckup v3.5
      All SMART attributes are "OK"
      Temp: 63/55/0 Value/Worst/Threshold


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        There is a known bug with the newest version of DiskCheckup where its displaying "Warning Temperature warning level exceeded" when it shouldn't. It will be fixed in the next release.


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          New release that fixes the warning displaying when it shouldn't: