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"Extend/Add Partition (NTFS Only)" does not work correctly

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  • "Extend/Add Partition (NTFS Only)" does not work correctly

    I have the bin file created by imageUSB V 1.5 from 32GB pendrive. The pendrive had NTFS partition (bootable Windows 7 installer).
    imageUSB is able to write the image to 64GB pendrive correctly, but only if "Extend/Add Partition (NTFS Only)" is not selected.
    Otherwise it does not report any error, but system (Windows 8 x64) does not recognize any data on the drive. It proposes formatting it.

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    Can you confirm you are using V1.5 build 1003 (and not an earlier patch).

    Debug information (useful to the developers to debug problems) can also be logged by starting imageUSB with the "-d" command line argument. It will save to the same logfile, "imageUSB.log".

    Can you post that file. Or Email it to us.

    ImageUSB Debug mode


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      I am using V1.5 build 1003.
      The logfile has been send via email.


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        From the logs,
        The source drive was created Rufus. It seems this resulted in 4 partitions on the drive and ImageUSB can only extend the last partition if it is NTFS.
        We'll try and reproduce the problem, and see if it can be fixed, or at least improve the error messages if it can't be fixed.