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  • ImageUSB max drive count

    first of all: thanks for the great software that saved me a lot of work already i cant imagine doing all the flashing one by one
    second: english is my third language ^^
    now to the reason i just registered:
    i use your software to duplicate a lot of drives. today i got some new additional hubs to flash more drives at once and i noticed something i didnt expect:
    max. drive count limit seems to be 39.
    all the drives are recognized by windows, devicemanager and even diskpart but imgusb is not showing them at all
    i launched the software in debugmode but i dont think i can change its behaviour.

    this seems to happen when the software has already found 39 drives and tries to add an other one
    is it the limitation of the software? or windows (which i dont think since windows has no trouble addressing all of the drives)
    a way to work around it?
    the log is attached.

    Thanks :-*
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    We have only tested up to 20 of drives at once, but imageUSB will process the first 50 drives in the system (hardcoded limit). The total will likely be less than 50 however as the software will exclude...

    ...any drives that are not identified as Removable USB Drive.
    ...any drives that may fail or timeout from the function call to IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY.

    From the logs provided, the call to IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY failed, but the error code of 0 likely indicates it failed because the operation was pending. Might be because the drive was in use or another process in the system has a lock on the drive at them moment of the request.

    In the next update of ImageUSB, we'll add a delay retry when the call to IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY fails. This will hopefully let whatever operations already queued on the drive to complete and if the retry is successful, the drive will be added as a valid drive.


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      yeah, the waiting does not change anything. even after an hour hitting the refresh does not change anything
      they are all the same drives. its not up to the drives but the amount. if i take the first 39 out of 78 (39x2 as example) and unplug them, the other 39 will be recognized. its might be the limitation that you mentioned but it kicks in earlier.
      do you think there will be an update that will change it?
      is there a possible workaround (except setting up a vm, passthrough the usb controller which would be an overkill )?



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        The number of drives is hardcoded limit at the moment, changing it will require reworking existing code and testing. We also don't have a test setup (e.g., multiple hubs and USB drives) for testing that many drives at once. We'll add it on the list of things to do and customer features/requests. Send us an email if you want to help test. We can send you a debug build when changes are implemented, but currently no time frame of when it will be completed.


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          It is also possible Window's itself has problems with this many USB devices.
          We saw similar problems in Linux one we hit 10+ USB devices with high traffic at the same time (especially if they were enumerated at the same time). It was just something that was never tested in the operating system and we saw a lot of timeout failures.