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Can't boot Linux installer after ImageUSB

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  • Can't boot Linux installer after ImageUSB

    Hello, I have a Linux ISO that needs to be written onto USB. Rufus works fine as long as I select "DD mode" in that program. I would REALLY like to use this ImageUSB program because it can do multiple drives at once, I have several hundred drives that I need to make and if I can cut down the work by 50% or more it would be super helpful. The problem is, when I use imageUSB to write the image, it doesn't boot. I can tell it isn't formatted properly since after I use Rufus, the drive disappears from Windows (as it should, since it' s a Linux ISO). With ImageUSB, the files are still accessible.

    Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

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    Not sure on the exact details on what Rufus DD mode does, but if the DD is just a direct copy onto the USB drive, then a workaround would to be change the ISO file extension from .iso to something else e.g. .raw or .bin. ImageUSB should then do a straight copy to the USB drive.