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Brand new 5850 benching low

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  • Brand new 5850 benching low

    I just purchased a XFX Radeon HD 5850 which shows to bench around 2,400. Currently I am getting ~1,600.

    Drivers are up to date, DirectX 11 installed and acceleration on, nothing erroneous running in the background...

    Nothing seems to be out of whack. did I get a bum card and if so how do I figure that out?

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    Sounds similar to these 2 posts from last week.
    In the 2nd case the problem was resolved. It was just the video card's settings set to max quality, rather than max performance.


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      After bottoming the settings to max performance I am getting 1,800/2,400 now. I also removed CCC and tried bare drivers with similar results (~1,800).

      What else might I be missing?

      Here are my stats:


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        What are your system specs, drivers used. Are the motherboard drivers installed and up to date? Does your motherboard support PCIE 2.0? Is your card running in PCIE 2.x 16x mode? You can use GPU-Z to confirm the above. It should say PCIE 2.x 16x @ PCIE 2.x 16x or similar. See screen shot below. Note my system is not PCIE 2.0 compliant. Do you have good case cooling? The card might underclock under load if the VRM's on the card get to hot.


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          The AMD 9350e isn't a very high performance CPU. And this will pull down your 3D results compared to people running Intel i7's and the like.