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  • i7-640UM

    First post here - sorry if this is the wrong place, or asking a question that has been answered. I did some searches, but can find no reference to this CPU at all.

    I have been looking at a laptop with the i7-640UM CPU. Running at 1.2Ghz, it seems kind it might be pretty anemic, but it is an i7 so I am unsure how to evaluate it. I have been unable to find any tests for this CPU here or elsewhere, to see how it performs.

    Anyone have any experiences with this CPU, or any way of measuring it compared to CPUs that are in the PassMark database? The laptop is a bit expensive, so I don't want to make an investment that is not going to perform well.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It doesn't seem to have appeared in the CPU charts as yet. Which normally means it is a very new CPU, or not very popular, or both. If you check back in a week or two we might have some results for it.