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  • Rankings question

    This is probably a dumb question, but I'll ask anyway.. I'm looking at laptops and was wondering if all of the CPU rankings shown on the lists were directly comparable?

    In other words, it doesn't matter if one of the CPU's I'm considering is on the mid range list and the other is on the mid-high - a 750 score is better than a 700 score, right?


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    Yes, a 750 score is better than a 700 score. You can generally follow the guidelines below when looking at the numbers.
    • The bigger the number the faster the computer.
    • The results are not a percentage figure. They are relative figures.
    • A computer with a result of 400 can process roughly twice as much data as a computer with a result of 200.


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      So if I'm comparing the Core i3 M330 (1999) with the SU4100 (992)..

      I can conclude that the i3 is roughly twice as fast as the SU4100, even though the i3 is on the High End list and the SU4100 is on the High-Mid list?

      In other words, all of the tests are the same. The CPU's are just in different lists to make the web pages more manageable.. Correct?


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        The graph would to too long if it was one a single page. So we split it. See also the graph notes page.


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          Got it. I figured it was that simple, but wanted to be sure.