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Mixed Benchmarks (SSD vs Platter)

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  • Mixed Benchmarks (SSD vs Platter)

    Hi - I've been keeping track of all the benchmarks for a while now. As the SSD market is getting larger, HDD benchmarks are getting confusing.

    I was wondering if at sometime the two are going to be split up or at least have a way of differentiating them.

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    The ways things are currently setup it would be a fair amount of ongoing manual work to split them up.

    In the medium term future however, we might be able to include more data into the baseline files about the drives. e.g. record if TRIM support is available and RPM speeds (SSD typical have 0 recorded for RPM), to have a good guess about what drives are SSD, and which are normal.


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      Thanks for the quick reply.

      I didn't know if you could set it up to automatically separate them. That does sound like to much work.

      BTW, you guys have a great site.