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  • Requests (with a few questions)

    Is there any particular reason linux is not listed for your OS benchmarks? It seems rather worthless to even have OS benchmarks without it.(for that matter, there are other OS too, but I understand them being excluded for rarity reasons) If it is because your benchmark isn't linux compatible, might you please consider adding a linux version in the future?

    Might you please consider providing a visual indicator next to Integrated Graphics Processors in your list to easily pick them out compared to the cards? I have tried doing a search on a couple directly, without any results. Being able to compare them on the list would help anyway compare them in general for deciding whether to get a discrete graphics card in the first place.

    Might you please consider providing wattage numbers for components, perhaps even performance per watt, as divided by your benchmark numbers?

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    We are doing hardware benchmarks for the most part. CPU power doesn't really change in Linux, Windows, or on the Mac. And we aren't supporting Linux for the PerformanceTest product. So there is nothing to post.

    There is no automated way to flag which video cards are discrete and integrated. It would take a lot of manual work, and might still be wrong in some cases where the same chip might be used in 2 different ways.

    Performance per watt was already discussed in a post you made 4 months ago. I don't know why you are asking the same question again. The answer hasn't changed.