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GTX 470 low result

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  • GTX 470 low result

    Hey guys,

    i just tested my new Asus gtx 470 and my score for 3d graphics mark was 1327. This is less than haft of the average score on this website. Every component i have tested with Performance test had good scores. I run Vista 64bit with all the latest drivers( just reformated).Can someone help me figure whats going on?

    my system specs are:
    Motherboard: p5k premium wi/fi
    Prossesor: intel core duo e6850 3ghz
    Memory: 4gig of Basilisk @800mhz
    Hdd: seagate 1t 32mb cache

    Pass Mark Rating is 1122 btw, ty

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    What were the individual 3D scores?
    Have you installed the latest device driver & Windows patches?
    Is the card maybe overheating?


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      Hi thx for your reply.

      I installed service pack 2 and every possible update. I use Forceware 258.96.
      I use afterburner to control my fan speed, the temp never go over 60c so far.
      No other component seems to overheat.

      Here are my scores for 2d and 3d.

      Graphics 2D lines: 70.8
      Graphics 2D Rectangles: 142.9
      Graphics 2D Shapes: 41.0
      Graphics 2D Fonts and Text: 229.1
      Graphics 2D GUI: 156.6
      2D Graphics Mark: 468.9

      Graphics 3D Simple: 3154.2
      Graphics 3D Medium: 904.4
      Graphics 3D Complex: 89.1
      3D Graphics Mark: 1327.4


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        Hang on, something's funny here.

        You only posted three 3D results. But there are four 3D tests. Simple, medium, Complex, DirectX10

        You are missing the DirectX 10 test.

        Would this forth DirectX 10 test not run on your machine? Or are using usage a old release of PerformanceTest that didn't have the DirectX10 test in it?


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          Sorry :P i was running Performcance test 6.

          My scores with 7.0 are...

          PassMark Rating: 1521.6
          3D Graphics Mark: 2556.9
          Graphics 3D Simple: 2545.3
          Graphics 3D Medium: 1472.2
          Graphics 3D Complex: 58.4
          Graphics 3D DirectX 10: 42

          I supposed its acceptable since my pc is not all new.


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            Yes a 3d Graphics mark of 2556 is about on par with the other non overclocked results when teamed up with a Core 2 Duo.


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              I have the same graphics card and a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+, measure speed is 2807 MHz, but my results are 1797 for the 3D Graphics mark.

              Can you let me know if this is an issue.

              Thanks for you help!


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                The AMD 5600+ is pretty old and slow by todays standards. So this will pull down the result.

                In PerformanceTest you can check the results for machines with similar CPU and GPU to see if you are on par. From the results I found you should expect a 3D mark score of around 1800 to 2200. So you are just on the low end of what I would expect.

                I assume you are runnng PerformanceTest V7 ?


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                  thanks, I just purchased a new Phenom II X4 965 as an upgrade I will post my new results. It is funny the new processor is 3.4GHz, while the old one is 2.8GHz, not that big of a difference. I am assuming there is more to the processor than the core speed?

                  Thanks again for the help!


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                    I am assuming there is more to the processor than the core speed?
                    Yes, you get a more efficient architecture, double the number of cores and 3 times the cache.


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                      EDIT: I decided to post my question as it's own thread. Please reply here:

                      I ran into similar issues with my GTX 470. The first time I ran Performance Test I got 6.9 fps complex test, with the other 3D test results being mediocre as well. I couldn't believe this so I re-ran the test and got the same result. I then rebooted and tweaked the memory settings a bit--going from DD2 1000, 5-5-5-10 to DDR2800 4-4-4-10--and got a result of 62.7. Now I don't think the improvement was from the RAM speed/timing change, surely it was some quirk with Windows. Anyway, 62.7 is definitely better, but it seems like it's still a little short of the mark. Same thing with DirectX10, only getting 43.5 when it seems like I could have more.

                      Is my processor holding me back here? The thing is, I got ridiculous numbers on the other 3D tests, so I'm thinking this might be something like a driver problem (I have the latest: ) . In any case, I'm installing a Q9650 in here later today (waiting on delivery) and will find out, but I'm hoping to have this system at top speed before dropping it in.

                      Is it the CPU or should I be seeing better numbers?

                      Here are my specs:

                      Core2Duo E6750 (@3.2GHz, 400MHz FSB)
                      Kingston HyperX 8GB DDR2 800 (4-4-4-10) (@800 MHz)
                      PNY nVidia GeForce GTX 470 1280MB GDDR5
                      ADATA S599 64GB SSD (rated R:280MB/s W:270MB/s)
                      Windows 7 64-bit, nVidia driver

                      And here are the test results for CPU and 3D Graphics:

                      CPU Mark
                      This Computer 2327.0

                      CPU - Integer Math
                      This Computer 762.2

                      CPU - Floating Point Math
                      This Computer 1009.5

                      CPU - Find Prime Numbers
                      This Computer 550.6

                      CPU - SSE
                      This Computer 5.8

                      CPU - Compression
                      This Computer 3340.8

                      CPU - Encryption
                      This Computer 9.9

                      CPU - Physics
                      This Computer 154.7

                      CPU - String Sorting
                      This Computer 1721.9

                      3D Graphics Mark
                      This Computer 2849.0

                      Graphics 3D - Simple
                      This Computer 3436.4

                      Graphics 3D - Medium
                      This Computer 1513.0

                      Graphics 3D - Complex
                      This Computer 62.7

                      Graphics 3D - DirectX 10
                      This Computer 43.5

                      Passmark rating: 1518.1