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Newby here, Sony Vegas slow on P4

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  • Newby here, Sony Vegas slow on P4

    Hi Looks like a super site.
    I have the following:-
    1. A giga LAN
    2. Bufalow 2TB Lan Disc
    3. Main Pc Based on a Pentium 4 3g, Ram 3g, 2x 500g discs O/s on one
    Benchmark 491
    4. MediaPC Based on Core2 5300 1.86g, Ram 2g, 1 250g disc & 1 500g disc
    Benchmark 1,112
    5. Laptop P Dual core 2g, Ram 3g 250g disc, Benchmark 1,129

    Now my problem/question.
    I have Sony Vegas Video editing software on the Main PC and to render a 6 minute video can take 3-4hrs.
    I would like to upgrade the Processor in the PC Using the existing Motherboard.which has the 478 skt I can't find much of an CPU improvement on that Motherboard/skt combination.
    Does anyone h ave any suggestions?
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    Save up a bit more and get a new MB as well as a new CPU.

    Or move the rendering to the MediaPC with the Core2.


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      Thanks Passmark.
      I had come to that conclusion myself.
      The real solution would be network render, but the Vegas is much more expensive to get that facility.
      I do think this machine deserves an upgrade it has been very good.
      I am upgrading all of them to win7 next week and once I have some network stability I will do a render comparison on all three machines.
      Reading your info I am considering the AMD phenom11x4965 with a new motherboard.
      Do you have any thoughts? I have always been happy with Intel/Asus combinations so this would be a change for me.
      Thanks again Stewart


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        The Phenom II 1055T is good value for money. But the high end Intel i7 CPUs like the 980x will probably run Vegas 20% to 30% faster.


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          Thanks again.
          The Intel is way out of my league these days.