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  • Vidock 2 question

    Hello guys

    I had not been into gaming for some years but i decided to buy the Vidock 2 along with the Ati Radeon 4670 512 MB Ram for some decent gaming experience. My laptop is a Lenovo x201 i5 560, 4mb ram

    PassMark is an amazing piece of benchmark software. Quick and accurate, it helped me as far as different cpu settings are concerned, ram testing etc. But I cannot figure out sth in 3d testing. So my results are

    Catalyst Version 10.11
    3d Overall --640

    Simple --1110
    Medium --375
    Complex --10
    DirectX10 --5

    The complex rating has baffled me since my Hd intergrated graphics score is 19fps. So I have ran different modes of comlex rating at the advanced 3d graphis menu and I have found out that the vidock card (ati radeon 4670) cannot handle vertex shader 2.0 and pixel shader 2.0 option. With it disabled i am getting sth like 290 fps. If i enable the shader option I am getting 10 fps.

    The vidock 2 is running at my pcie x1 2.0 port. Does it have to do with the limited bandwidth? What is your suggestion?

    Gaming experience in Street Fighter IV has vastly improved , in Starcraft 2 has significanlty improved. In Dirt 2 I wouldn't say it is satisfactory

    You are doing a great job

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    We have no experience with the Vidock 2 device.

    But I can certainly imagine the limited PCI-E x1 bandwidth causing a problem.

    The Radeon 4670 is a PCI Express 2.0 x16 card. So potentially you are going to be missing a lot of bandwidth.


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      thanks for the reply

      I am not familiar with graphic cards. Are the vertex and pixel shader graphics very demanding? Is it normal for a desktop pci-e x1 connection to exhibit so low a mark or could it be a hardware problem? Is there some software acceleration I can use?

      Thank you for your time


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        Shader units are like small, limited function, CPUs on the video card that execute a series of instructions to create visual effects (like the water effect in the Complex test) and the grass & smoke effect in the DX10 test.

        How demanding they are on the video card and bandwidth depends on the shader program they are executing.

        Not using the shaders means that you are missing out on some of the visual effects, but you will get higher frame rates. Some games might not run at all if you don't have the shaders available.