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  • Server Passmark Results

    Hi everyone, we recently ran the PassMark tests on our new Database & Application Servers that we have set up.

    The results are at is it possible for someone to kindly analyse our results and let me know if the server's results are passable or whether we need to improve any areas before we roll it out?

    Thanking you in advance.

    Kind regards


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    Without knowing anything about what kind of load they are going to be under it's impossible for me to say whether they are passable.

    CPU speeds are a bit behind the newest CPU models, however they aren't slow and for a lot of things the newer CPUs are overkill.

    Memory speeds look good, especially on the application server.

    Disk speeds also look good. Especially the random seek test which can be very important for a database server. It is suspicious though that the random test outperformed the sequential ones significantly, usually random is slower. Is there something special about these drives.

    Graphics and CD speeds probably aren't very important for a server.

    But again, without knowing exactly what these are going to be used for, I can't tell you whether they will be good enough or not.


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      Thanks Michael, the server's are going to be hosting the backend database (containing a few hundred tables and millions of rows) and front end application for a large corporate application (Windows Server 2008 R2 & SQL Server based) that will have around 100 users accessing and processing data at any one time.