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Geforce 555M versus the ATI Firpro M7820

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  • Geforce 555M versus the ATI Firpro M7820


    I use this web site every time I buy a new PC. Thank you!

    I was hoping to get some advise.

    I have to buy a new laptop. I need to buy it from Dell because of work. I want to buy a high end laptop with a high end video card. It looks like Dell best cards are the Geforce 555M and the ATI Firepro M7820.

    I will be using it for work, FEA simulations, 3D cad work , assemblies (solidworks) etc... but at home I will use it for hard core gaming. I have had great sucess in using high end gaming cards in cad and find that I get more bang for your buck using the gaming cards versus cad specific cards (quattro). So I think I would like to stay with this approach.

    I can find the benchmarks for the M7820 but cannot find the 555M.

    Will you be benchmarking the 555M?

    Which card is more powerfull, the 555M or the M7820? What would you recommend?

    Any input would be appreciated.


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    We don't do much in the way of bulk benchmarking ourselves. Most of the data in the charts is compiled from user submitted results from our PerformanceTest software.

    So basically nobody has submitted us a result for this card yet, and we have no real way of advising you how it compares to the ATI model.

    Sorry we couldn't be of more assistance in this instance.