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Benchmark comparisons- stock speed or over clocked

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  • Benchmark comparisons- stock speed or over clocked

    In these days of overclockable CPU/Mobo combos, My beef with Passmark is that the benchmarks don't appear to show whether the BM is stock clock or over-clocked...there needs to be more info on the uploads for us to compare....I'd love to be told I'm wrong here, and shown the error of my ways

    Please read the following:

    Yeah, I had an Asus AM2+ M3A78-T , running an AMD 940 x4 BE, a ATI 4850 and 8GB ram on a Win7 pro 32 bit platform....had to do the 3 Gig tweak, but DCS's Incredible "A-10c Warthog", ran wonderfully well at 1920x1200 res.... great performance!

    Then, loving the A-10 so much, I upgraded(Toms Hardware sez you shouldn't upgrade your CPU unless it is at least a three level boost in performance.) and bit the bullet and for the first time in my life, I have a true gaming rig with no compromises...not the best, but I think you guys will agree a lot beefier, and faster(at least on paper) than the average gaming rig.

    Ordered the following:
    MSI MSI P67A-GD65 (B3) LGA 1155 Intel ATX Intel OCing Motherboard
    Intel I-7 2600k
    radeon 6850
    TM warthog HOTAS, Saitek rudder pedals

    Thought I was Sierra Hotel....ran Fsx like a dream... But was a bit disappointed in my performance test on PCMarks performance test 7...With OC on auto, I got a 2539 system rating
    With an 8834 CPU Mark compared to a stock 2600K comparison on Passmark's site of 9263 @3.4 MHz...???

    THEN I finally ran A10-C set to Exactly the same specs I ran that Phenom/ASus/ATI 4850 SMOOTHLY ON.... I was totally bummed...FR Slowdowns and horrible stuttering...totally unplayable

    Interesting note: on the other Mobo, the training dialog cut out at the last word, where-as it completes on this I-7 Mobo rig.

    I am sure there is an answer or two, but for now I am devastated, having given up a perfectly great Mobo/CPU/graphics card combo(it's for sale if I ever solve this problem...or not if I don't {NOT the HOTAS...I'm keeping them...smoooooth as butter!})...and having wasted $800 bucks on this upgrade...

    depressed on Stinking Creek
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    Now, having said all that, further reading on the stickies here on the Passmark forum, shows us that the integer math is inaccurate for 32 bit systems, and requires the "native" 64 bit Benchmark...thus requiring an upgrade to a 64bit OS, win7 pro for me.

    I find it curious that my old Phenom 4x 940 BE Mobo setup, scored so low, yet ran something as intense as DCS's A10-C so well...phenomenally better than my current investment.

    Confused on Stinking Creek.
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    All the CPU charts are normally clocked CPUs.
    The exception is the single chart labeled Overclocked CPUs.

    You are nuts running Win7 32bit with 8GB of RAM. You'll lower benchmarks results and won't be able to use the majority of the RAM installed in your system.

    If you have a single game with stuttering issues it is very unlikely that it is a hardware issue. Much more likely it is the game itself, your system configuation of device driver issues.