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How to find a graphics card with (incredible) 2D performance? (advanced Baseline sear

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  • How to find a graphics card with (incredible) 2D performance? (advanced Baseline sear

    Hi forum,

    I (almost) was going to build a completely new PC from scratch because I feel the performance of my PC (especially regarding the speed of my Windows GUI!) is rather bad.

    However, when comparing different Baselines, I found that especially the 2D Graphics section (Fonts and Text, and Windows Interface) can vary incredibly with different graphics cards.

    For example, in below screenshot, the topmost (red) bar unfortunately is my system (with NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 Graphics card).

    (click to enlarge)

    The one system that is performing incredibly well is the third to last -- which however has a rather ridiculous NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 Graphics card!

    (the Baseline is called "P8H67-v Intel Core i5-2500 @ 3.30GHz 3311 BL440855" if you want to download and have a look at it)

    Thus, possibly I could be more than happy with my system if I only threw a GT520 in, instead of building a new PC from scratch (using my old graphics card, of all things)!

    Therefore and in order to find another graphics card, that is even (much) better than the GT520 (regarding 2D and Windows Interface):
    • is there a way to run an advanced search for a) only graphics cards, and b) only regarding certain areas of performance, say for example "2D and Windows Interface" performance

    Thanks HEAPS already reagarding any ideas how to (systematically) find the BESTEST graphics card (regarding those certain 2D performance areas),

    Cheers David.P
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    The operating system can have a big impact on the 2D performance.

    See this FAQ for details.

    The settings used in Windows can also have a big impact.

    But the biggest factor is probably neither of these things, and is more about perception. If you have a slow CPU, not enough RAM or slow hard drive. Then the Windows GUI will appear very slow. Windows will open slowly, content will slowly grind on to the screen, etc..

    For example if you install a new fast SSD to replace an old HDD the GUI performance will seem to improve dramatically.

    So in most systems the 2D performance isn't the bottleneck in getting stuff displayed. The rest of the system is the major problem.

    The exception to this would be A) Having no video card device driver installed, or B) Having a very old video card (>5 years) in a new PC.


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      True, but still the question remains how this guy can get a 2D performance with his ridiculous GT520 graphics card that beats "everyone" else by about 200% (and my Quadro by about 500%)?

      Therefore, is there really no possibity to do an advanced search on graphics performance, but restricted to, say, "2D" only?

      Thanks already,


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        Advanced search

        Originally posted by David.P View Post
        Therefore, is there really no possibity to do an advanced search on graphics performance, but restricted to, say, "2D" only?
        Guys, why not simply tell me "buy a licence, then you can sort by 'G2D, descending' over all tests ever run"?

        Because that is what I just found out myself, and then did!

        Now, one question remains, ragarding this FAQ about "2D results being extremely high when running via remote desktop".
        • Is there any way to tell whether an online Baseline result with very high G2D results (say, in the high thousands) is "real" or only a remote desktop result that hasn't actually been displayed and therefore must be disregarded?

        Thanks already for clarification,

        Cheers David.P


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          Didn't get a chance to follow up from this mornings post.
          But yes, the advanced baseline search function has a sorting option that allows sorting on the 2D result.

          Any machine with a baseline result over a couple of 1000 is suspect. Anything over 10,000 is very very suspect.

          There are several ways the test can give high results. They generally revolve around disabling or hiding (or partially hiding) the display of the test windows. Less than 1% of results should be effected by this.


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            Thanks. In this case, I'll look for a graphics card that typically yields around 1000 in G2D -- much better than my current card with... well, 180.

            Regards David.P