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Please, need help with my score.

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  • Please, need help with my score.

    Hi, I suspect that my system is underperforming. I need some advices or some data to compare. I spent more than an hour searching for RAM testing charts online, no success... Every reply is appreciated.

    My system is:

    Dell XPS 8300
    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    MB: Intel H67
    CPU: i7-2600 (3.4GHz, Quad-core)
    GPU: RADEON HD 6870
    RAM: DDR3 1333MHz, 12GB
    HDD(SSD): OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 128GB
    Display: Dell U2410 24" 1920x1200

    Total: 3700.4
    CPU: only 8083.1 of 8911 (specs)
    3D GPU: only 2100-2405 of 2835 (specs)
    RAM: 1639.4 (2801READ/2875WRITE) -- Is it good for DDR3?
    SSD: 3738.6 (only my SSD makes me happy)

    Please advice on these numbers and what may cause CPU and GPU underperformance (-10% and -31% respectively).

    The reason I started all this investigation and testing is because I have a terrible wireless mouse lag problem, and it looks like the problem is related to MOBO or maybe USB hubs... Still not sure.

    And 1 more thing by the way, my mercury extreme pro has sequental write speed of 450MB/s at least, but Passmark keep showing only 170MB/s. I talked to SSD manufacturer, but it seems like a mistake in testing software, since I tried to copy a single large file from 1 disk to another and it does deliver 480MB/s copy (write) speed...

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    Being 10% under the average isn't alarming. Especially for an off the shelf brand name machine (which are often delivered with a heap of blot-ware software).

    Someone has to be below the average

    There is a post here with all the common things which might be slowing the PC down.


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      Thank you very much for the link, but this link is for people who do not really know about computers. I'm an advanced PC user, Windows that came with computer died same day Now it's a completely clean installation. Brand new Windows. No crap services in the background. And I'm more worried about GPU, since it's performing on 31% less that it's supposed to. This is not 5% or 10%, this is 31%... I think it's a lot, since it brings it's performance to Radeon 5830, which is a much cheaper GPU. NFS Prostreet (2009 game) is not playable on max specs - bad framerate and controls being delayed badly, especially with Vertical Sync ON. I Think there is something wrong with a videocard.. ((


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        I'm an advanced PC user...
        If all our suggestions are too basic, then I am not sure what other help we can provide.


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          I was only asking for data, I needed to know the numbers to compare. And all your suggestions on that page ARE in fact very basic, I thought it's obvious.