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Intel Xeon E7-4830

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  • Intel Xeon E7-4830

    Does anyone have any benchmarking information on the new Xeon E7-4830? I am looking at a dual and quad Prolaint DL 580 G7 and would love to see how these CPUs rate.

    Thank you.


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    Doesn't look like we have any results for this CPU as yet (as of Aug 2011). Might want to check back in a few weeks.


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      Now I have a DL580 G7!

      However, it has 4x10 Core processors...

      I don't suppose there is any way to increase the thread count for Perftest to over 64? Hyperthreading gives me 80 processors in task manager...

      So how do I do a real performance test if I cant work all the processors at once?


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        Version 8 of PerformanceTest will support 256 cores. An early beta should be out in the next month or two.

        Note that software you are using might require special modifications to support more than 64 cores. Once you get past the 64 core level you the developer needs to take into account 'processor groups'. See,


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          It's going to be a VMware Server but for performance testing I threw Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacentre Edition on it so it could use all the cores... I was hoping to get the top benchmark score... The processors are E7-4870's. I'm so drooling over my new toy...