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why does the fx-8150 get such a high score

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  • why does the fx-8150 get such a high score

    Why does virtually every review site i find say its such a bad CPU, usually putting it below the i5-2500k. Yet on here it benchmarks are exactly where you would expect from the price point. i realize its only from 5 samples and maybe thats the problem`. if it is accurate why do so many sites come up with such different conclusions.

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    At the moment all the samples for the AMD FX-8150 are 64bit (and there are only a few samples as of today, as this is still a new CPU).

    So being all 64bit will lift the result.

    It will also be effected by the issues discussed here,
    and here
    (Which basically state that the CPU is pretty good, a narrow area of 64bit functionality)