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Dell Workstation processor ID?

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  • Dell Workstation processor ID?

    I'm trying to find a benchmark that would apply to a 2005 Dell Precision Workstation 670, but I can't relate the processor to any of the published benchmarks. (I can't run the test program on the machine because it is currently toast; what I'm trying to do is figure out if it is worth fixing.)

    There are two 3.0 gig Xeon processors. What I get from Dell is:

    C8508 80546K 3.0G, 2M, XNI 800, N0

    I think this is an Irwindale single core chip with a 2 MB L2 cache. But I can't figure out which of the many Xeon benchmarks would correspond to this, if indeed any would.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hard to be sure without good specs from Dell, or the machine booting.

    You could always open the case, remove the heat sink and get the exact model number from the CPU.

    Might be this CPU.

    Intel (in their wisdom) didn't include different model numbers inside their early Xeons and Pentiums. So it is possible you might get the machine booting and still not get an exact model number. This is also why the CPU charts are a bit vague for CPUs that are 5+ years old.