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Help, Benchmark and Graphic Cards for Games/Computer?

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  • Help, Benchmark and Graphic Cards for Games/Computer?

    Hi i've been using this website to look up scores for type of graphics and for gaming recommendations for which graphic card i should use. My old laptop is very bad, cannot even play a 2d side scrolling game. Here are some questions i have,

    1.) Now a days what would you say is an average graphic benchmark score require to play games? ( like A.V.A, Rusty Hearts, Eden Eternal, Forsaken World and such)

    2.) Does anyone know which computer i should get for less than $600 at BestBuy or Fry's?

    3.) Can someone please find a benchmark for these because when i searched them on this site i couldn't find any. They are the recommended graphics for the games i listed above.

    Eden Eternal: GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 4700 or better
    Forsaken World: nVIDIA GeForce 9600 or better
    Rusty Hearts: GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 4700 or better
    AVA: Nvidia Geforce 7600GT or Radeon HD 2900 GPU with Shader Model 3

    These are found on the site
    Again those are recommended graphics and please tell me the score, you can also find the minimum requirement on that site.

    To sum it up are there any computer that i can buy for about $700-600 or less that will be able to play these games without FPS lag?

    Lastly Please name a computer I can get, and no i can't build 1 or look for someone to build me one, I've been stuck with a random laptop for 3 years. Thank you for your answers in advance.

    Edit: Oh and please tell me if they can run Direct x11 i dont even know what that is but it's for gaming :\

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    These games don't seem to have very high system requirements. But your budget isn't very high either. I assume the $600 needs to include the screen as well.

    I would buy a desktop machine with a good CPU. Maybe a Core i5 Processor with integrated Intel graphics. The i5 range is pretty good (especially the newer ones).

    The integrated Intel HD graphics is rubbish, but very cheap. Then see how it runs your games with Intel graphics. On the low game settings it should be just OK. Then save up for a month or two and spend say $100 on a separate video card as a upgrade. Maybe something like a Radeon HD 6750 1GB. You can then wind up the quality and resolution settings in the games.

    Don't get a laptop or all-in-one machine. You'll have problems with the upgrade.

    Video card benchmarks are here,


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      Thx for the quick reply, I was glad there are computers for my budget.
      I'm not sure what an intergrated intel graphic is but when i searched my laptop up on google i found out my graphic card is an intel chip that comes with the motherboard. ( computer : Toshia Qosmio F45-AV410)

      I have another question, when you mention i can upgrade my graphics card does that mean i have to replace or can I have 2 graphics card running? Also can they run direct x11 or is it an entirely different thing?



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        If you look at the machines listed at Bestbuy, etc.. then you see "integrated Intel HD graphics" in the specs.

        This means the video functionality is part of the motherboard & CPU.

        So in the case of an upgrade to a new faster video card the integrated function doesn't get removed, just disabled.

        Details of DirectX support can be found here for Intel,

        Details about the 6750 can be found here,

        Also check the power supply of the desktop machine, if you are planning an upgraded video card. Ideally you would get something with >= 450Watts. You don't want to be forced to upgrade the power supply when upgrading the video card.


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          Thx again, this will be my last 2 question, maybe.

          go to this link and scroll down to the bottom

          You may need to download the latest versions of Direct X and your graphic card drivers.
          Make sure your drivers are current in order to play games.

          1 more can you tell me your computer specs, and can you maybe post a link for a computer at bestbuy/fry's for me to get a look at what the overall spec is. It doesn't have to be screen and a tower can just be the tower. Thanks so much if you can do that.


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            can you tell me your computer specs
            I own maybe 20 different PCs. Some now very old. Almost all of them were more than $600 when new and not purchased for gaming. I don't see how knowing the specs of them helps you decide what you should purchase for games.

            Just search for Core i5 at Bestbuy, Frys, then sort by price. It isn't that hard. Both these web sites are pretty crappy however. They don't have the full specs of their machines listed on their pages. So you don't really know what you are getting.


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              where did you buy all your computer from? Is there other electronic stores that are better than bestbuy?


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                We are in Australia. Unless you are planning on flying over the information would be pointless.

                Google is your friend.


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                  Hey i got another question on this link
                  The graphic card is
                  • NVIDIA GeForce HD N550 GTX-TI 1GB GDDR5 Video Card

                  so i narrow the search down and got to Geforce GTX 550 Ti on this website can you comfirm if it's that graphics card?

                  And can you give me your opinion on this computer? It's a bit high above my budget but ill save up a couple hundred more and get this one. I'm pretty sure im gonna buy this comp though, if it is Geforce GTX 550 Ti for the graphics then that's an awesome deal. Geforce GTX 550 Ti scores a 1.8k on this website


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                    GeForce HD N550 GTX-TI
                    I don't think there is any such part from nVidia. I think this is just a name created by Microtel.

                    I would think that is really is the NVIDIA GeForce 550 GTX, which they also list on the page.

                    CPU is a bit on the old and slow side, and there is no monitor included. But better CPU would surely cost more.


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                      Wow if you're saying that cpu is old and slow then mine is like a turle...


                      that is what i have

                      As for the monitor i can get a used 1 or so for 50 bucks.

                      Do you think spending a total of about 800 is good price for this computer?

                      anyways thanks so much for helping I really appreciate it, if i have more questions ill post in this thread


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                        Phenom II x4 965 was released in Aug 2009. Making it over 2 years old.
                        There are now more than 100 newer CPU models on the market that are faster.

                        But it should be fine for playing today's games.

                        Seems a reasonable price. But I don't follow the prices of system on a day to day basis. So do your own research as well.