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My core i3 2125 is getting short changed

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  • My core i3 2125 is getting short changed

    I'm not quite sure why but after multiple runs on different days i've recorded cpu marks of over 4430. my rig is p8h67 asus,i3 2125, 8gb corsair xms, with ai tweak on auto,win 7x64 ultimate and integrated graphics. The passmark cpu list shows average of 4173 with 18 samples. Did 17 of them suck a little or is mine overachiving?

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    There are probably a few bad machines (e.g. full of bloatware) in the average and a few machines running 32bit, which will also lower the average.

    So yes on average other people's machines sucked a little more.


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      thanks for the reply

      I guess that answer also explains my consistent over 405 on g3d with intel hd3000 when passmark shows it at 369. Maybe i will try installing win 8 preview 32 bit again and see how much they drop.