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Please HELP! parallel port problem

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  • Please HELP! parallel port problem

    I recently bought a new computer for operating 6 axis CNC router, the problem that i am having is that the second parallel port is not responding to the Mach3 software, if the second port is enabled on the device manager then 5Vs go to pins 1-4 however when this port is disabled there is 5V going to pin 1 and 0V to 2-4, i have bought a new PCI parallel port card thinking that might be the issue however the only difference is when the port is disabled there is 0V to pins 1-4.
    Other information that might be useful is that, if the relay device that is not resonding is plugged into parallel port one it works perfectly however if the other relay device is pluged into port 2 then this doesn't respond. so the issue is with either the motherboard or a software problem

    Please could some one advise as this problem has been irritating me for months now,

    Thank you

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    If you think the problem is with the Mach3 software, then you should really contact the developers of that software.

    If you wanted to test the port hardware, then one option would be the use our parallel port loopback plug,