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GTX 960 score - Low benchmark score

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  • GTX 960 score - Low benchmark score

    I have tested PC - Intel i5 3470s 8Gb ram and GTX 960 two ways with:
    1. Passmark 8 on windows 7 and get 6500 score for GTX960
    2. Passmark 9 on windows 10 and get 5800 score for GTX960
    Installed last driver for gpu both times. Also CPU score change it
    1. Passmark 8 on windows 7 get 6500
    2. Passmark 9 on windows 10 get 6800

    All system score was both times around 3700-3800. But I think there is a little problem with GPU score. Do you have time to give me some thoughts.

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    Meanwhile I install 3 earlier versions of driver and score go's up to 6370 on Win10.. a really good improvement.


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      nVidia did a driver release with a thing called Shadowplay in it, which was for screen recording.
      It really hurt the frame rates, even when not recording video.

      So this might be the issue.

      Also I should mention there were a number of changes in the 3D test, so the V8 and V9 scores are never going to be exactly equal, even though we tried to scale them so that there were similar numbers.


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        Thanks. Yes I noticed that inovation on last nvidia driver as a little fps drop in World of tanks. Also when I kicked out Shadowplay with installing older driver there is a good Passmark score again. Thanks for your time and quick answer as always.