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Why do sequential R/W on an SSD?

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  • Why do sequential R/W on an SSD?

    Hi, I'm new to Passmark, and I have an SSD as my main drive. I was curious as to why it does sequential read/write tests on the SSD? Surely it is irrelevant for an SSD? At least for reads anyway. I can see how writes might differ if it went across multiple blocks. Shouldn't there be an SSD mode? It seems to assume I have spinning platters.

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    Sequential reading and writing are totally relevant to SSDs. Why wouldn't they be relevant?

    They are relevant because this is how some applications use mass storage devices (regardless of if they are SSD, HDD, network drives, or some other technology). The simplest case is copying a large file in Windows Explorer. This will be a sequential read if the source file is on a SSD. Launching a large .exe file is also largely a sequential read operation.