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Radeon HD 6750 getting terrible 3D benchmarks

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  • Radeon HD 6750 getting terrible 3D benchmarks

    So I picked up a HIS Radeon HD 6750 card the other day to facilitate TRIBES:ASCEND, and it's really not meeting my expectations. I average around 900 in the 3D graphics score, and the average for the card is around 1600. This is TERRIBLY off!!

    My specs:
    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
    HIS Radeon HD 6750
    8GB memory

    When I compare my system with similar CPU+GPU benchmarks, everything looks okay except for the 3D, which is severely flawed. I did have the card in my PCIe x4 slot, but then switched it to x16. Link width now shows up in GPU-Z as x16, but I did not notice any improvement. I have reinstalled the newest drivers. Anyone have any advice? Is it possible the card is defective?

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    Also - set all of the options to highest performance and slightly overclocked the GPU.. only increased my score by about 20pts.


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      Did you check the temperatures on the card while under load.


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        Looks like the temp gets into the upper 30's celsius while I perform the G3D test. Is that high? Could it be an issue with the GPU fan, or do I not have proper cooling in my case?


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          Can you post the actual results.

          Have you tested it with any games or other benchmarks to what the performance is like?

          Also check the video card device driver control panel. Maybe you are forcing the high quality options.


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            i have similar (if not the same) problem with the Sapphire HD6750. my 3D score is also around 900, while other people's score is near 1600.

            even if other cards in the baseline comparison might be 1GB DDR5, while mine is 1GB DDR3, i don't think it can outperform it by ~100%..or perhaps it can?
            also other people's cards are reported as "6700 series", which could be 6770 as well...

            my system is:
            mb: ga-p61a-d3
            cpu: i3-2120
            gpu: sapphire hd6750, 1gb, ddr3 (on PCIe x16)
            ram: a-data 2x4gb (dual channel)
            hdd: western digital cavier blue, sata iii
            psu: cooler master gx-550 (550w)

            - fresh win64 ultimate
            - latest drivers
            - latest bios for mb
            - no overclocking (for the video card: 700mhz gpu clock , 800mhz ram clock are the default settings and i haven't touched them)
            - the system is well cooled and there is no overheating
            - no antivirus software
            - catalyst settings does not matter much (slight boost if i set everything to low in the "3d app. settings" window)
            - games like dirt 3 and crysis 2 are playable in reasonably high settings
            - 3dmark 2006 gives results around 9000 which also seems quite low
            - 3dmark vantage (dx10) gives P6293

            here is the baseline comparison:

            ^ everything is similar except the 3d simple, 3d medium and d3d10.
            the 3d complex seems ok, which i find strange.

            here is the list of gpu specs section:

            ^ i've tried the same driver as the other folks in the list, with no success. the bios and chip type also does not seem to matter much.

            i'm wondering if the card is defective in some way and i should return it while its still new?

            thanks for any suggestions.
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              DDR3 cards are severely ram bandwidth limited. Its very possible DDR3 cards are 1/2 as fast as DDR5 cards.

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