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Quadro 2000 vs a HD630 for CAD

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  • Quadro 2000 vs a HD630 for CAD


    I am planning to upgrade my system Dell T1600 with Xeon E3-1225 and Quadro 2000, mostly because of noise level (I want it quiet!). Unfortunately I can not just simply replace fans, case and psu as Dell uses their own connectors, etc. Now I would like to go to a new system with Kaby Lake like Pentium G4560 or i3-7100, which seems a cheap option.

    I use this PC for light CAD work and photoshop/rawtherapee, the Quadro 2000 was so far sufficient for this tasks.

    For graphic card I am not sure if it would make sense to keep the Quadro 2000 or simply use the HD630 from the i3? The G3X score is quite similar? Especially for CAD I am not sure if the score is really showing the performance?


    Cheers Andi

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    Quadro 2000 is a 7 year old card now. I can't imagine it is worth keeping.
    When you buy your new motherboard and PSU, make sure there is the option to add a full size video card later on. Then if the integrated GPU in the CPU isn't sufficient it is an easy upgrade to a new video card.