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HD 4000 vs 9800GT

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  • HD 4000 vs 9800GT

    I'm looking to build a new system. i7-3770K. Will I get any benefit to install a 9800GT graphics card, or is the integrated HD 4000 fairly comparable? I don't want to install the 9800GT if there is no real benefit, or even if it may hurt my performance.

    I'm not much into gaming. Mostly used for video rendering.

    What are your thoughts?

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    If you are doing video transcoding and not gaming then use the Intel video.

    Intel has "Quick Sync" that make this job much faster (when used with the right software).


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      Thank you! One other question. As I start to learn more I see information about Lucid Virtu MVP technology on some Z77 boards. Is that something that would still benefit from the added graphics card for video transcoding, or is that mostly for gaming? I can't find any clear indication of this.


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        I thought Lucid Virtu was only for when you have 2 video cards and aren't using the cards in an SLI setup. If your main use is video coding, then you don't need a 2nd card.