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Help me find the bottleneck in my system....

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  • Help me find the bottleneck in my system....

    Hi everyone,

    So I have images below with specs of my system both with my previous Asus HD6770 graphics card, and now my Asus HD6850 card. You can see there was a HUGE jump in the 3D graphics mark, but that barely changed the overall system score. Prior to this, jumping just from a HD 6670 to a 6770 made about twice the difference. I can only conclude the GPU is now ahead of the speed of whatever component is causing my bottleneck. I'd love to figure it out so I can upgrade whatever the heck it is. Just an FYI, this is standard- I've run it about three times since installing the new GPU, and about a dozen with the older 6770.

    New score:

    Full-size image:

    I haven't OC'ed the new card yet to it's optimum figures, so that will go up some.... but still, wow that 3D difference didn't change the system much. I am thinking that I probably need to do something with the 2D graphics- is the HD6870 as big of improvement in 2D ability as was rumored?

    Other thoughts? Just FYI, my BIOS won't let me OC the CPU, and 16gb is already double what the mobo was designed to recognize- so there isn't any room to play with there.

    Thanks all.

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    The PassMark rating value is calculated using a series of weighted averages where some components are considered to be more important than others. For example the CPU performance has an larger overall importance than the CD result. On a typical desktop computer the overall result will be weighted as follows.
    Test Suite Weighting
    Disk 21%
    CD / DVD 5%
    Memory 19%
    3D Graphics 12%
    2D Graphics 14%
    CPU 29%
    Total 100%

    (Note: These numbers merely represent the intent of the algorithm, the exact algorithm is a bit more complicated than described here and as such you can't use these numbers to calculate out the overall score yourself)

    These weighting's are based on the "average" computer usage and are intended to give the user of PerformanceTest an overall indication about how this computer will perform in general use. Needless to say, this weighted average will be inappropriate for some users. Game players will think 3D is more important, while Network admin types will be looking for disk speed. Feel free to roll your own ratings based on the individual test results

    The score is also calculated in such a way that a single extremely high value cannot significantly improve the final score. All components in a system must be performing well in order for the final score to be high. To do this each sub section score has the following formula applied to it.
    weighting (eg. 0.29 for the CPU) / sub-score.Once each sub-score has this formula applied to it they are then added together. This produces a number that gets smaller the faster the system is. Finally, in order to get a number that gets bigger as the system improves the number is inverted again (ie. 1 / sub-score-total).

    Your Phenom II x4 965 is getting a bit old now, but still OK for most games.