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  • Big gun Ivy Bridge mobiles

    Still no sign of any benchmarks for i7-3820QM or i7-3920XM. Is there some problem with these devices? I heard rumours of overheating, but those seemed to concern overclocked desktop processors.

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    We only have 2 results for the Core i7-3820QM. Unfortunately the benchmark result was done with an old release of the PerformanceTest software that wasn't picking up Ivy Bridge turbo clock speeds. So it didn't make it into the benchmark charts as a result.

    1 of the 2 results doesn't look to be overclocked so we can put that result in to the next overnight update. The CPU mark was 10025 at 3.7Ghz

    The 2nd result was a CPUMark of 10761 at 4.1Ghz. So this was overclocked.

    These are very high results for a mobile CPU. They are faster than the majority of desktop CPUs.

    We don't have any results for the 3920XM as yet.