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CPU workload in VGA vs HDMI with external monitor 1080p@60Hz

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  • CPU workload in VGA vs HDMI with external monitor 1080p@60Hz


    I wonder about the CPU/graphic card load on a notebook, whether you connect an external monitor via VGA or the HDMI port (notebook monitor is set off - no dual display).

    Monitor: 1080p@60Hz without sound.

    Indeed, hdmi transmit video + audio(no here) + data, while VGA is analog video only.
    As I understand in VGA, the video signal is transformed from digital(which resolution, color depth, color space, frame rate, etc.?) to analog and is received into the monitor by the vga analog plug.
    In case of hdmi????

    Would the OS make a difference in workload: Win 10 vs Linux?


    In my case:
    CPU Core i5-2450M
    Intel HD Graphics 3000 (PCI bus) - released jan 2011
    GPU Sandy Bridge GT2
    Support DirectX 10.1
    Support OpenGL 3.1

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    I don't believe there is any direct impact on CPU/GPU load as a result of the video interface selected. There might be some small impact on power usage (battery life) however.

    What does have an impact on CPU/GPU load, especially with 3D games, is the video resolution you select. No one should be using VGA nowadays. HDMI provides a better quality image with no negatives.