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    I have actually tested a Dual CPU system in different configurations, it always seems that I have a bootle neck on memory. I am using 16GB memory (4 modules each CPU) and my memory mark is always only between 2500 and 3000. Desktop systems in this board with desktop PCs will have better scores as my system.

    Does the passmark support new Intel C600 chipset with E5-2600 series CPUs?

    What changes in operating system will have effect on the memory mark.

    Does the video card, Windows Server 2008 or the memory size will have an effect to the memory mark results?
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    In PerformanceTest V7, the standard memory tests are somewhat CPU dependent. Meaning that increasing your CPU speed will make the RAM look faster as well.

    Some time back we rewrote the advanced memory tests (under the advanced menu), to be less CPU dependent. So you might want to experiment with those tests.

    In PerformanceTest V7, which should go to a beta release next week, the memory standard tests are also less CPU dependent.

    If you are using a server based motherboard and RAM, you might find it slower than desktop RAM due to features like registered RAM & ECC.


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      thanks for your reply, will a memory size increase have an positive impact the my Memory Mark result?


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        Yes it will.