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i7 Quad 3.4 GHz vs 2x Xeon Quad 2.33 GHz vs 2x Xeon Hex 2.00 GHz

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  • i7 Quad 3.4 GHz vs 2x Xeon Quad 2.33 GHz vs 2x Xeon Hex 2.00 GHz

    Excuse me, currently im going to buy a dedicated server for encoding purposes and i wanna know what is better

    1.- Intel Core i7 Quad Core 3.4 GHz (I7-2600) - $150
    2.- 2x Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.33 GHz (E5410) - $255
    3.- 2x Intel Xeon Hex Core 2.00 GHz (E5-2620) - $285

    I think that the Hexa Core but, is a lot of difference?, because the i7 have 3.4GHz, and the hexa have more cores.

    If you have better alternatives for a budget lower than 300$ i will apreciate it.

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    In terms of potential CPU processing power the dual E5-2620 is the best.
    But the best sure fire method is to test the encoding software you are going to use on each platform.

    Not all software will have the ability to efficiently use the 24 threads in the dual E5-2620.

    Also the i7-2600 has the 'Quick Sync Video' feature, which some encoding software might be able to use to speed up encoding. (I assume you are referring to video transcoding in your post).

    > better alternatives for a budget lower than $300

    Yes I do.
    Don't paid $150 a month for a machine that is only worth $800 to buy outright.


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      I can't test if i don't buy and there is no moneyback warranty.

      But x264 supports multi-thread, so if the hexa core is much better than the i7 i think i will buy it.

      About buy the machine, the problem is the internet connection, here a fast internet connection is more expensive than buy a dedicated server, and they offer up to 1gbp of connection.

      Thank you so much.