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AMD Vision A10-4600m vs. i5-3210m

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  • AMD Vision A10-4600m vs. i5-3210m

    Hello there,

    I'd like to know which CPU is suited for me:

    I need it for playing games casually (even new games like Skyrim but only on a low-mid level; Graphic Card is GT630m or HD7670m)

    Except gaming I'd like to watch some videos from time to time or use the Internet. I don't want to do any photo-professional-work or something like that.

    I think the highest thing is gaming.

    Thank you =)

    (p.s.: Is a i3 CPU enough for what I want to do? Or an AMD A8?)

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    Pretty much any new CPU is OK for video and the internet.

    I would take the i5-3210m over the A10, if money wasn't an issue.

    Not many games can fully use the 4 cores in the A10. So in general (but not always) you would be better off with the faster performance of the Intel chip with single and dual threaded apps.