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New CPU Benchmarking charts go live today

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  • New CPU Benchmarking charts go live today

    We are updating the CPU Benchmark charts today.

    The new charts will be based on results from PerformanceTest V8

    Changes from the previous set of charts include,

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    We have had a couple of questions about the new charts and the number of CPU samples. So here is some additional background information.

    The charts are made up of average results for each CPU type. For popular CPUs we might have upto 10,000 samples to average. For rare CPUs maybe only a few samples to make up an average.

    At the time of writing PerformanceTest V8 has only been available for a few days. So we don't have a huge number of benchmark results collected as yet (only about 3000 submissions). For comparison, for PerformanceTest V7 we had around 600,000 submissions over the last few years.

    We want the charts to have a comprehensive list of CPU types, so for the short term we'll be combining the results from PerformanceTest V7 and PerformanceTest V8 to make up the charts. Over time the PerformanceTest V8 result will start to dominate and displace the V7 results. The method for doing this will be to take the final average V7 result for each CPU and use this as 1 sample for each type of CPU. Then as more V8 samples arrive this single V7 result will be averaged with all the V8 results. Effectively diluting the V7 result into insignificance over time.

    The consequence of this is that the sample count (which you can see via mouse over on the charts) will reflect the V8 sample count (+1 for the single V7 sample).