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  • Shared memory problems

    I finally got my hands on a Intel Core i3-3225 CPU. My motherboard model is MSI ZH77A-G43, with a BIOS version of 1.4 ( currently the latest version is 1.5 ). I have bought 8(2x204 gb of RAM. Some Corsairs memories running at 1600 mHz.

    I have a problem though and I'm asking for help. When I enter BIOS, i have an option wich allows me to share memory for the processor integrated GPU. The problem is that i can only share 256 mb of memory. Why doesn't the system allow me to share more memory?

    On a different system: Intel Pentium Dual Core G630, some Asrock H61 mobo and 4 gb of RAM, I was able to share 512 mb of memory for the iGPU.

    If anyone can help me with anything ( a review, a link, an answer/solution ) please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.