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  • OpenGL GPU tests

    Hello everyone,

    Is there a comparison available that showS OpenGL performance on different GPU cards?

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    All of our GPU benchmark tests are DirectX. Which is the most common way to use 3D on Windows.

    But our Android and iOS charts both use OpenGL.

    If are interested in OpenCL We have this chart here of DirectCompute benchmark tests. Direct compute and OpenCL are different programming interfaces for compiling and running code on video cards. Once the code is running on the card, the performance should be roughly comparable with either interface. So you should be able to use the Direct compute chart above as a reasonable indication of OpenCL performance.


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      I appreciate your quick response.

      I do understand that DirectX is the defacto standard for Windows 3D applications. However, I plan to build a machine to run 3D applications that are OpenGL-based. These applications are quite large, resource hungry and will NOT run on Android or iOS devices.

      I have found significant differences in the way these OpenGL applications run on different GPUs (ATI vs Nvidia) and that drivers will make a big difference. It has also become clear that a strong DirectX score doesn't necessarily guarantee even acceptable OpenGL performance.

      So again, if you or anyone else could point me to a resource that catalogs benchmark scores for various GPUs in the same way that PassMark does for the DirectX scores, that would be most helpful.

      Thanks again.